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About the Glossary

Some of the Italian words used in Italian real estate guides can be confusing - there aren't always words in English that are exactly equivelent to the Italian architectural terms. This glossary will help you understand what the words mean.

The words in bold are words that are used in our real estate descriptions. Linked words mean that we've given you a bit more explanation, in this case by opening a new window with further information, because you may be looking for a house with a cantina but don't know it yet.


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Glossary of Italian Architectural Terms



angolo cottura cooking corner or small corner kitchen
l'abbaino dormer window
Arcate arcade, arches forming a covered walk
l'armadio closet
l'ascensore elevator
l'attico penthouse
bilocale 2 rooms
borgo ancient village, often walled
la cantina cellar, often with arched or vaulted ceilings
la casa (le case) house (houses)
cortile galleried courtyard or cloisters
la cucina kitchen
il cucinino kitchenette
la finestra window
granaio barn
l'ingresso hallway
loggia Roofed gallery or balcony
mansarda attic
monolocale one room studio apartment
l'orto, giardino garden
la parete wall
il pavimento floor, as in pavement
il piano floor
Piano Nobile Main floor of a palace, usually the first
la porta door
Portico Covered entrance to a building, or porch
(da) Restaurare to be restored
rustico rustic cabin, cottage, shed or shell
la sala da pranzo dining room
la scala staircase
i servizi services - kitchen and bathroom
il soffitto ceiling
la soffitta attic loft
il soggiorno living room
lo studio study
il tetto roof
  Rendering is a form of plasterwork conducted on walls of masonry without the use of laths.

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